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Buying a new house and maintaining a safe and comfortable home is not something we take lightly. At Craftsman Home Inspection DBA Allmite Termite Pest Control, Inc., we hold ourselves to the highest standards of service. We take our time to provide thorough inspections of your entire home, including evaluating properties for termites and wood-boring beetles, to ensure you have all of the knowledge you require before making costly, important life decisions. You can trust our inspection reports to tell you the honest story behind your home.

I am an independent home inspector who has been in business since 1978. Professional memberships: American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), American Society of Home Inspectors - New England Chapter, National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). State governmental listings: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture - Pesticide Certification/License (termite/pest control). My format for inspection is to spend time inspecting the property and then verbally communicate any visible defects that have been found. This can be done after each major stage of the inspection. First stage observations are exterior. Second stage observations are basement. Third last stage observations are finished area and attic. Home inspection is really communicating with the client. The first communicating stage is verbal on site. You should plan to be on site during the inspection. The second communicating stage is the narrative report. The third communicating stage will be to take at least 200 – 300+ photos. Size of house and complexity of the inspection will sometimes require more than 300+ photos. In your final reporting package you will receive your narrative report, photos on disc and brochures to help inform you about home and how they work. Supplemental information will be included in the report. Time on site can average between 3 ½ to 5 ½ hours. Time varies with size of house, age of house, additions added later and time spent with client verbally explaining visible defects. An older smaller home can sometimes take longer than a newer larger home.

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Craftsman Home Inspection DBA Allmite Termite Pest Control, Inc. brings over 50 years of experience to customers in the Barrington, Rhode Island, area. Each report customized by our home inspector provides is thorough and provides an accurate picture of the home you are considering buying. The narrative can take up to five hours to complete. We will go over the report with you at no extra charge.

Our business also does pest inspections. We examine all areas of your house for signs of termites and other wood-boring insects that can damage your home. Our experience in treating these specific pests gives us firsthand knowledge on how to spot them. We will take pest control work independent from the home inspection jobs.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest and to assure clients that our reports are completely unbiased, we don't work with real estate agents. Word of mouth about our reliable, trustworthy services is how we get customers. We want you to know you can feel safe and protected when you work with us.

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Member of ASHI New England and ASHI national since 1988

Member of ASHI New England and ASHI National Since 1988